Does your company have needs concerning web development? We train new coders and let them find their first job in the field. Hire a junior developer for your team or company.

Here are some things we can do for you:

Train your employees in the bootcamp
Would you like to improve the services that you are offering, or the quality? The bootcamp is what you need: a targeted investment, intensive, focused and in a short timeframe, managed by us. Invest in the competencies of your company, invest in education.

Sponsor one scholarship
The best way to collaborate is to help us to reduce the barriers to enter the bootcamp.
If you believe in the project you can sponsor one scholarship for the best students.
In exchange we can promote your company in our usual communication, invite you as much as we can at the bootcamp during company related events and we can also organise a custom training.
We'll put you in touch with our students and we'll help you organise interviews with them together with some specialised training after the bootcamp.

We are also a web agency. Once finishe the bootcamp we let students practice on real projects. Reasonable prices, superior quality, a bit of patience though, we are learning together, helped by our mentors.