About us

Turn into Coders is a project by Matteo Giaccone, software engineer born and raised in Torino, Italy. He studied and worked in Italy, Switzerland and United Kingdom. As far as he remembers, he has always been keen on understanding and learning technology, together with social issues and respect for people and environment. A short time after graduating at Politecnico, he co-founded “weLaika”, a software consultancy cooperative still going on today. He then moved to UK to enlarge his visions and improve his web development skills. In London he discovered Founders&Coders and started discussing with them how to export the model to his hometown, Torino.

Laura Spina is a friendly jurist, keen on writing, learning&teaching and good at connecting people.

Why do we do Turn into Coders?

We work on Turn into Coders because we want more people to work in coding. Coding is creative, powerful, useful and a world-wide passport job. Of course if you manage to become a computer engineer it's really great for you. But it's not the only way to learn how to work in IT in a valuable manner. A bootcamp is a high-effort way, in a relatively short time, to turn into a solid coder. You will learn how to master JavaScript, and you will be able to go on learning other languages by yourself.


  1. Code is power, and power must be spread.
  2. We believe in cooperative learning and working.
  3. We use any method: the importance is in learning.
  4. Doesn't matter where you learn. If you know how to do the job, the job is yours.
  5. We believe in gender equality: to fill the gap, we incentivate women to start and continue coding.
  6. We believe in power of generosity: that's why we always find time for organizing for-free occasions of learning and sharing.
  7. We support open-source because it's free and useful.

Where we are

Toolbox Coworking. Is a creative hub dedicated to work: 8000 square metres, plus 150 different businesses, more than 400 members, comprised of freelancers and professionals, start-ups and businesses, all under the same roof, with the same mindset open to collaboration and the same entrepreneurial attitude. In Toolbox you'll find: the Fablab, the Print Club, Casa Jasmina, DigifabTURINg.

And, of course, also us.

Toolbox Coworking. Credit Stefano Borghi Credit: Stefano Borghi.

Turin. Has always been one of the most innovative cities of Italy, both at the technical and social level. The city had to reinvent itself many times and now it's time for the tech innovation and for tourism. If you don't know Turin, have a look at this video of Monocle, or this audio again from the Monocle, or this tourist guide from the Guardian to learn a bit more.

Coding for everyone

Every Monday night we organise a free community event to learn programming, also starting from zero: Coding for everyone.

It's a way to get your first hands-on experience in coding, build your first website, your side project or simply meet like-minded people.

If you are interested, head to our Meetup page where you can find the latest events and find all the details of how the events work.