8 weeks of super intensive training to become a JavaScript full-stack web developer and jumpstart your career in an industry growing at full speed.

The programme is composed by

8 intensive weeks. The heart of the bootcamp is formed by 8 intensive weeks with workshops and projects, working in groups of 4 people in a cooperative way.

The course is about full-stack JavaScript development, test driven development, relational databases and team work, with a bit of UX design and project management. You can find all the details of the bootcamp and the week schedule in the Github repository.

Meet the companies. Both during and after the bootcamp you'll meet companies that are looking to hire new talents: they will review your code and give an outside point of view of what you are doing.

Final project. 8 weeks to test yourself with the development of a project, together with your team.

Is this for me?

A bootcamp is the quickest way to become a developer. But before committing time and money to this new venture, you need to understand if you really like it and meanwhile build a set of basic skills.


That's why you want to prepare either alone, joining our weekly Coding for everyone events or by joining our chat.

You are expected to complete the following FreeCodeCamp sections:

Or get a minimum 200 points, completing the above plus whatever else you enjoy.

Then you are expected to build a small website and practise a bit more with JavaScript. You can find all the details in the prerequisites page of our bootcamp material.

Dates and costs

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